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Our Preschool Program

3-5 years

Our preschool program focuses on developing the total child while nurturing each child’s potential, building upon successes and mastered skills. Emphasis is placed on the role that social skills and interactions play in building a foundation for meeting future academic challenges. This program is the perfect stepping stone to prepare them for the 4K First Steps Program. We encourage goal-directed activities, with the use of a plan. Children learn to work with and also follow others, and develop self-help skills. This program allows the development of constructive independence. 


Our Goals

Ability to Solve Problems

Become More Independent

Communicate Interest to Others

Show Interest in a Range of Topics/Ideas/Tasks

Discover How Things Work

Express Positive Self Awareness

Use Senses to Construct Knowledge

Feed Themselves with Utensils

Develop Strength & Stamina

Enjoying Physical Activities

Transition Between Activities w/ Little Guidance

Initiate & Carry on Conversations

Understanding Make-Believe

Recall Information for New Situations

Recognize A-Z

Write First Name

Recognize Numerals 1-20

Write Numerals 1-10

Begin to Take Turns/Share

Ask Questions

Catch Ball with Hands

Have Awareness of Good/Bad Behavior

Learning Stations

Each station is designed to enrich each of the 6 developmental indicators: Approaches to Play and Learning, Emotional & Social Development, Health and Physical Development, Language Development and Communication, Mathematical Thinking and Expression, Cognitive Development


This area can include puzzles, peg boards, beads, matching shapes, blocks, and magnets. These activities encourage the child's development of problem-solving techniques and fine motor skills, along with knowledge about how objects relate to each other. Math is also integrated into our manipulatives station.


This area contains a dress up area and a kitchen. Through dramatic play children learn things like self regulations and conflict resolution. This area gives them an emotional outlet, they will generally act out scenarios they've seen or what they believe is realistic. It also creates an environment for them to collaborate and make plans with others. 

Science & Math

This area of the room contains our classroom pets: beetles! Our science area concentrates on a variety of animal life cycles, magnets, magnified glasses, and connecting blocks for building structures. Math is also integrated into our science center. 


Toddlers love to express themselves through art. Art allows them to practice their fine motor skills and explore their imagination. This also allows them to use critical thinking by planning out their art and imagining a "bigger picture". This area provides them with: paint, playdough, crayons, scissors, tracing, stamps, and molds.


Our preschooler library provides hundreds of books that are constantly in rotation depending on the curriculum of the month. This is a critical stage in development teaching children to read in order for them to read to learn later down the road. Reading strengthens children's social, emotional, and character development. This area also provides children with quiet time and allows them to decompress. 

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